Presentation guideline

Oral presentation

Presentation time
Total presentation time is 25 minutes for each presenter.
(20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.)

Presentation data
You can use your own lap-top PC or the lap-top PC prepared by the local organizing committee. If you use your own lap-top PC, please check the connectivity to the projector prior to your session. You may copy your data in PDF, PPT or PPTX format to the lap-top PC prepared by local organizing committee prior to your session. The projector prepared in the presentation room has RGB and HDMI connectors.

Poster presentation

Presentation time
The poster session will be held after the lunch break on Day 2 (March 22nd).
(The presenation time is shown in the scientifc program.)
Please put up your poster on poster board where showing your presentation ID during the lunch break. Please put off your poster immediately after the poster session. (The poster boards will be moved during the coffee break after the poster session.)

Poster size
Poster boards have the size of 900 mm in width and 2100 mm in height.
Appropriate poster size is A0. (841 mm in width and 1189 mm in height)

Pre-poster presentation
Before the lunch break on Day 2 (March 22nd), we will have the pre-poster presentation. Please make an oral presentation there in 2 minutes to show a brief introduction and highlight of your poster presentation. Due to the time limitation, please use the lap-top PC prepared by the local organizing committee for the pre-poster session. Please copy your presentation file (PDF, PPT, PPTX format) to the lap-top PC prior to the session.

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